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Friday, June 11, 2010

Six months later...

So I don't do terrifically well in the winter. I intend to do so many things, but generally I spend the time from January through June in a reflective phase creating a mental to do list. Which I have completed and now all that remains to be seen is how much of the to-do list gets to the done list.

Which, frankly, has not been my strong suit in the past. But my plans for this blog and this summer are going to work together. When I created Spinster Miss it was going to be a spot where women of a certain age who live without the luxury of a helpmeet in life could go to find inspiration and direction. Kind of like Oprah if she wasn't rich, famous, successful, or really confident that her life's decisions were the right ones.

In the coming weeks I'm going to get started on a few projects around my home and will share my experiences, for better and more likely for worse and we'll see how this whole being a grown up girl on her own goes.

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