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Monday, August 3, 2009

Next Stop Crazy Dog Lady?

Four years ago, I hit 35 and entered the world of dog mothering with a sweet shih-tzu, Posey. She was taken from this world far to soon thanks to allegedly nutritious but actually poisonous melamine-filled freeze-dried chicken breast treats. Sigh. That little dog was fantastic...totally willing to wear her construction worker costume for a fun-filled rendition of YMCA on a Friday night after cocktails. How could she be replaced?

Turns out she can't. She never will be replaced. No other pooch will wear her sweet purple plaid snow jacket or yellow slicker.

But my new tzu, Gabby, is a constant reminder that while you can't replace something you love, you can love something new. Just like Posey, Gabby refuses to wear doggie boots, regardless of the salty sidewalks in the winter. But she's a unique pooch who runs to the door in an effort to go outside and bark at the sky during thunderstorms and has been known to walk around with a bright green Tampax clutched between her teeth like a jaunty cigar. She's got moxie, and because I'm older and slower and like to be amused, she's become my ideal companion.

As I get on the fast track to 40, I wonder if there's another shih-tzu in my future...or three.