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Monday, October 19, 2009


Man, I love fall when it's scenic and crisp and filled with tasty apples and dogs in cute sweaters. Already, the pressure of daily leg shaving has abated and I actually snuck out in a winter coat and flannel nightgown for my pooch's midnight potty break.

Good times.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

What about stamp collecting?

Being a spinster would seem to be the very definition of selfishness. I mean, it's all about me all of the time, isn't it? And that's the rub, my friends. All that me time very rarely goes to the betterment of this spinster's life. So, in effect, I'm living as if I'm married to a vary demanding spouse who consumes all of my time but gives very little back.

But in my case, the spouse is the TV.

And, unfortunately, I don't have the porn channels.

Why is it that so many women feel they can't have a rich life without a spouse? Even those of us who have made very conscious decisions that have led to a lifetime of singleness. There are plenty of men out there with rich lives and no spouse. Messy, slightly creepy lives with wackadoodle hobbies, but rich nonetheless.

This year I took my first vacation by myself, to London. In my experience as a traveler, it seems like transatlantic nations are friendlier to women on their own. Perhaps the puritan ethic of Americans instantly suspect witchcraft. Anyway, it was a great trip, but I was shocked and appalled by my tendency to eat at the hotel and join in package tours. Part of it is that I spend so much time at home alone that spending time abroad at home isn't exactly a vacation treat. The other part of it is the little voice in my head that says women by themselves shouldn't do x, y, or z.

While personal security is important, I get really steamed up with myself and the universe that women still are trained to follow the rutted path led gently by the hand of men.

I was hoping by writing this I would come up with a solution to the problem. But unfortunately, a few more rants may be required to help me move along the path of enlightenment.