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Friday, December 4, 2009

Remember me?

Just got back from my alma mater, touring with my beloved niece and sister. What a step back in time. And while I was there I ran into a couple of my old professors. Who actually remembered me! How can that be? I wonder if they keep file cards and quiz themselves periodically to keep their memories alive.

All of a sudden I remembered that there were tons of good times in college and it wasn't all that lousy last semester of senior year when I quit everything and crawled into bed for four months and no one really noticed. By the time I graduated, I had no desire to see any of the people who plainly weren't seeing me. Which is just so dramatic, as you can be at 21.

Now I regret losing touch with everyone. It's one thing to be a spinster miss. It's another thing entirely to be a hermit miss.

That was not part of the plan.

As a result, I've joined a social group of like-minded individual and attending my first gathering tomorrow. Gulp.

And I'm resolved to remember the happier times, get out into the greater world, and not get all Miss Havishammy and dwell on the relatively small speed bumps live has dealt me.