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Thursday, June 17, 2010

But it's too nice to work

Yeah yeah yeah. This is going to be some grand girly construction site someday. The whole problem is when it's nice enough to do your projects, it's really too nice to be doing your projects. And when it's not nice enough to do your projects, well it's impossible to do your projects.

So instead of doing projects, I'm going to project my chunky butt to the beach this weekend.
Mmmm. Good times.

Meanwhile, there is a grove of maples popping out of my paver patio. It was cute a first. But now they're getting kind of big and blocking the way to the grill. Which is ok, because I'm still a little concerned about blowing myself up while installing a new gas bottle (tank? holder? whatever).

What is the chance that I could find a roommate? Maybe 20something. Male. Buff. Quiet. Loves to clean. Loves to cook. Can't get enough of taking out the trash and cleaning the litterbox out. Oh yeah, and he'd cover the entire mortgage payment.

With those criteria, my sister doesn't have to worry about planning bridal showers for me in the future!

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