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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Why Ben & Jerry why?

I guess I really can't blame Ben & Jerry for making such a delicious ice cream that is way beyond my resistance. But I do. They have to know that minty, full-fat ice cream is potent. Then, if you blend it with chunks of chocolate cream cookies it's just beyond my level of resistance. But how was I to resist. I mean, it's not my fault that I couldn't find the naan bread in my grocer's freezer and there were compelling yellow discount signs that drew my eye to the frozen desserts section.

So, it was a bargain step closer to type 2 diabetes, which is nice. And now I have to get on a plane on Friday. A Delta plane, which has some of the smallest seats in the sky. Which may or may not be able to contain my fat ass. When I land in Utah, I will spend two days surrounded by movie types and wanna be's--particularly those West Coast matrons who have bizarre facial work. The result is that from the back they look like hot 20-year-old chippies. But then they turn around and their face has been botoxed and augmented to the point that they look like they've recently taken up beekeeping face first. Yikes.

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