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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Coffee: A good idea gone awry

So I was listening to this report on NPR about how coffee help spurred the age of reason or the age of enlightenment. I wasn't listening super carefully. But either one would be a good improvement from the haze I'm currently in. So I've coffeed it up for the past two days...one cup each day with a pack of swiss miss hot chocolate in it to make it a little special. And it's been great during the day. But now, at 2:14 a.m., I really miss the whole sleeping thing. It's always been one of my great pleasures. And particularly now, when I'm not smoking, barely drinking, and a good seeing to is a vague memory, sleeping has been a reliable pleasure in life. Which I'm denied. 

I'll tell you this much. Being up after 2 isn't fun if you don't have one of the following things:
1. A good book
2. A good man
3. A variety of drinks
4. Your smoke brand or variety of choice
5. A dramatic deadline
6. An inspirational cause
7. A long distance to cover across an unfamiliar territory
8. A minimum of a trilogy's worth of movies that you are watching from beginning to end as God intended.
9. One or more hysterical friends to be bailed out of a situation that will provide a good, entertaining story at future late nights.
10. One or more hysterical friends who are bailing you out of a situation that will provide a good, entertaining story at future late nights.

So maybe not drinking a mochalicious coffee each day means that I won't be the next great philosopher. But who knows, perhaps people were happier drinking their small beers and wine throughout the day, living life at a slower, less enlightened or less reasonable pace. 

Ok, they were unbathed, untoothed, and frequently dead by 35. And don't get me started on the stink factor. But a society with a widespread, large scale buzz is still pretty interesting.

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