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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Marrying for Money

So I'm all in favor of Obama's efforts to improve our economy. As someone who has enjoyed two economic collapses in the publishing industry in the past 2 decades, the president can count me in for an effort to reinvigorate the nation. With this kind of positivity projecting from my every pore, I can't help but wonder why the president has to go on ahead and give married people a significantly higher tax break just because they're married.


Don't married people already get enough breaks? They get cheaper car insurance. The get death benefits. And they almost always have people to go with to weddings, christenings, and birthday parties. In theory, they also deeply benefit from the division of labor inherent in living communally. 

A single person has to bring home the bacon, fry it up and in the pan, and never ever let themselves regret that they didn't get themselves a man.

Oooh, that was chee-zee! I used to love that commercial when I was a kid. Think it was for a hair product. But I still get a total urge to put on a cocktail dress every time I make a BLT.

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